NOT FADE AWAY movie poster


A loving ordinary couple is confronted with the extraordinary ramifications of a time traveler altering the past to rewrite the present.

“Not Fade Away” is a new dramatic short film with elements of science fiction from Fictional Films. Set in the near future, Not Fade Away is a unique approach to the popular sci-fi stories of time travel.

Most sci-fi time travel stories focus on the calamitous events of the pre, or post-apocalyptic world or even the moment where history alters. The Terminator series and Terry Gilliam’s 13 Monkeys (or even Chris Marker’s short film classic Le Jetee) set the standard for great sci-fi time travel movies. However, rarely do the stories highlight the far-reaching effects that their heroic actions will have on society.

Not Fade Away is told from the perspective of an ordinary loving couple, Owen and Carrie, confronted with an overwhelming situation.
Although never specified, the world is on the brink of destruction. Left to only one solution to prevent an apocalyptic disaster, the government has sent a time traveler to the past to alter history. To rescue the planet, all of reality will be altered. While fighting the fear of dissolution, Owen and Carrie search for meaning, comfort and love within each other’s arms, while trying to comprehend the end of their lives together and possibly prepare for a new beginning.

“Not Fade Away” is written by Rodney Reyes, Kenneth A. Welch, Steven Williams, directed by Rodney Reyes, and starring Samantha Glovin and Jonathan Weirich.

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Directed by
Rodney Reyes

Jonathan Weirich
Samantha Glovin
Gretchen Von Koenig

Written by
Rodney Reyes
Kenneth A. Welch
Steven Williams

Music by
Daniel Ovalle

Camera/Visual FX by
Joe Leach

Sound/Assistant Director
Kenneth A. Welch

Rodney Reyes

Nancy Pagan

Production Assistants
Francisco Javier Sarimento
Matan Noam Shavat

Location Managers
Edward Amezquita
Liza Amezquita
Mario Corrales
Anna Payumo

Produced by